Healthy primary teeth are important for many reasons:

  • They facilitate proper chewing enabling good nutrition and hold space for the developing permanent teeth to erupt in proper position.
  • We are often asked, “Why put fillings in baby teeth when they will fall out anyway?” Unfortunately, neglected cavities continue to grow in size. These cavities can then progress to the core of the tooth and can cause damage to the nerve of the tooth. This can result in pain and/or swelling for your child. Some severe cases require emergency hospitalization.
  • The primary teeth in the front or anterior of your child will be lost around 5-8 years of age but the back molars are not lost until 10-13 years of age. Your child has these teeth for a long time so it is important to take care of them
  • Brown or missing teeth often affect the development of self-esteem. A beautiful smile enhances self confidence regardless of age.