1. Ask us about our orthodontic care

All of our current patients are screened for orthodontic treatment each time they receive a cleaning. Your child’s progress is monitored and any problems are detected as early as possible. When your child is ready for braces, we can schedule you a free meeting with our orthodontic specialists. His evaluation will let you know what treatments your child may need. If your child is not a current patient of ours, you can still call us for a free consultation with our orthodontic specialists.

2. Schedule a free evaluation with our orthodontists

Our orthodontic evaluation is free both for current and new patients, and for both children and adults. The evaluation will diagnose any dental problems and advise you of the possible treatments available. Once you are aware of the possible treatment necessary, you will be asked if you want to proceed. This will allow us to obtain diagnostic records to continue the process. If you are sure you want to continue with NewWave before your evaluation, you can schedule this record taking to coincide with the evaluation, to streamline the process.

3. Take diagnostic records

We take several diagnostic records to assist with the ongoing orthodontic program. These include x-rays of your child’s teeth, photographs of their current positions and a comprehensive clinical examination. This examination allows us to take detailed measurements of your child’s teeth, mouth and features.

These detailed records allow us to create a treatment plan down tot he smallest details of tooth position, even when your child is not in our offices. This way we do not need to schedule additional appointments simply for measurements and fittings. These records form the basis upon which we can build a treatment plan.

4. A detailed explanation of your child’s diagnosis and treatment options

We want both you and your child to know and understand the treatments we will offer, what they do and why we do them. To this end, we schedule a meeting to discuss with you and your child the issues with their teeth and the ways we fix them. These meetings are usually scheduled in the evening, when parents find it most convenient.

At this meeting, Dr. Sabnani will present you with the ideal treatment and any alternatives that may be available. We include several visual aids in order to explain the treatment to your child fully. If you or your child has any questions, we are happy to answer them until you are both completely satisfied.

Once the explanations are complete, a member of our staff will discuss with you the timing of the various meetings and appointments necessary to complete treatment. Any insurance issues and payment options will be discussed here, along with the payment plans we offer. Once you are fully informed, you can make the decision of how to proceed with treatment.